Due to her success as an arts manager and grant recipient. Melynda von Wayward has created an easy-to-understand online course titled High-Quality Grant Writing Skills for the Australian Arts and Cultural Sector

This succinct and affordable course is for all Australian arts industry professionals who are seeking arts funding for their creative projects and who want to excel at writing and submitting high-quality grant submissions to government funding bodies and philanthropic organisations. 

How this course will help YOU!

  • Are you an Australian arts industry professional who has attempted to write and submit a grant to a funding body, only to have your application rejected?  
  • Does the thought of writing and submitting a high-quality arts grant overwhelm you?
  • Do you think or feel that you need to hire a professional grant writer to do the job for you?
  • Does creating a realistic budget make you want to quit before you even get started?
  • Do you dread the thought of finding sponsors or getting in-kind support?
  • Does the term ‘Acquittal’ confuse you?
  • Do deadlines scare you? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this informative and affordable course is for you…

This succinct and affordable course will teach you everything that you need to know about writing and submitting a high-quality arts grant to an Australian Government or philanthropic funding body, Including:

  • Understanding the different types of grants available such as local, state or federal Government funding bodies, as well private philanthropic organisations.
  • Learning how to write and submit a high-quality arts grant application that will increase your chances of being a successful grant recipient
  • Learning how to read an application thoroughly and understand the selection criteria
  • Leaning how to give yourself a realistic deadline and prioritise tasks
  • Learning how to write a grant in a clear and concise manner so that it fits the required word count
  • Understanding the required support material and how to present your work in a professional way
  • Learning how to write a successful budget that balances
  • Learning how to gain in kind support and sponsorship
  • Learning how to write a high-quality acquittal

Arts Management and Grant Writing Consultant