Projects created and managed by the Wayward Woman


  • To produce high-quality creative projects and outcomes.
  • To engage and collaborate with high-quality clients and stakeholders.
  • To support and promote Australian artists and designers. 
  • To support Australian organisations and projects that focus on positive outcomes for women, children, the arts and the environment.
  • To help to make the world a better place


  • A Wayward Woman is a headstrong and individual woman. 
  • A Wayward Woman walks her own path and marches to the beat of her own drum, no matter her age, nationality or background. 
  • A Wayward Woman cares about her community, the world she lives in and the planet she lives on – Her Mother Earth! 
  • A Wayward Woman contributes to the good of society in whatever way she can.
  • A Wayward Woman is stylish, sassy and unique.

Are you a Wayward Woman?