• Once a month, Melynda von Wayward will hold an online intensive High-Quality Grant Writing workshop for up to 20 Australian creatives who want to learn more about writing high-quality arts grants.
  • In this half-day (4 hours) live session, Melynda will choose several different Australian arts grants and will go through the key information of each grant in detail so that participants get a clear understanding of what is expected of them by various funding bodies. This includes reading the application properly, addressing the key assessment criteria in detail, creating a budget, understanding what support material will be required, creating a realistic deadline, submitting the application, and how to write an acquittal. Melynda will guide all participants through this process.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their grant writing skills during the workshop by applying their project idea to a real grant application, (or the grant application of their choice), so that they get hands on experience at grant writing. 
  • The cost of this 4-hour workshop is $150 AUD, with each participant also receiving a discount code to Melynda's online grant writing courseThis course consists of 1 hour of videos and over 50 downloadable resources that you can use to further assist you in your grant writing journey.

Grant Writing packages:

  • Half-day workshop $150.
  • Half-day workshop, 3 x 1 hour grant writing consultations - $250.
  • Add Ons – The Budget, Uploading to the grant portal on your behalf. 
  • Individual Consultation - $50 per hour.

NB: If you want to do this course but need a payment plan, please email me to discuss.

High-Quality Grant Writing Skills

  • Regardless of whether I receive the grant or not, the learning curve and your teachings were really amazing.  Your knowledge and ability to cut through the crap and be really concise with checking off the criteria questions in regards to my concept, really helped me focus - Jaki from SMENA