• Once a month, Melynda von Wayward will hold an online intensive High-Quality Grant Writing workshop for up to 20 Australian creatives who want to learn more about writing high-quality arts grants. 
  • In this half-day (4 hours) live session, Melynda will choose several different Australian arts grants and will go through the key information of each grant in detail so that participants get a clear understanding of what is expected of them by various funding bodies.  
  • This includes reading the application properly, addressing the key assessment criteria in detail, creating a budget, understanding what support material will be required, creating a realistic deadline, submitting the application, and how to write an acquittal. Melynda will guide all participants through this process.
  • Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their grant writing skills during the workshop by applying their project idea to a real grant application, (or the grant application of their choice), so that they get hands on experience at grant writing.
  • The cost of this 4-hour workshop is $150 AUD, with each participant also receiving a discount code to Melynda's online grant writing course. 
  • This course consists of 1 hour of videos and over 50 downloadable resources that you can use to further assist you in your grant writing journey.
NB: If you want to do this course but need a payment plan, please email me to discuss.
High-Quality Grant Writing Skills Workshop Registration Form

  • The Half Day workshop is delivered on a Sunday from 10am - 2pm
  • The cost of the workshop is $150
  • Individual Consultation - $50 per hour

Grant Writing Consultation